Our 15-year anniversary. In Maui to renew our vows!

Our 10-year anniversary; June 2006

In Loving Memory of our wolf-dog KONA. We'll miss you girl!

Born: March 16, 1995  Deceased: December 16, 2008 (13yrs 9 mos)

KONA on October 30, 2008

In Loving Memory of our Labrador mix CHUBACCA (CHEWY)  

Deceased October 16, 2009 (12 years)

You were always such a sweet, good boy.  We miss you so much buddy!

CEASAR our Tabby cat (18 years) AND Still going strong!

After a long day at play!

Our sweet girl Zoe! She's a chocolate lab and was born November 7, 2008.